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When to start preparing for an apartment move?

Is it better to move on your own or contact a transport company? What and how much packaging materials you should buy? Where to order a truck of suitable sizes? These and many other questions concern all people who decide to change their place of residence. However, the very first thought that comes to their mind: “When to start preparing?” After all, even those who did not personally participate in the move, know very well that this is a complex process, and to cope with it in one day is unrealistic. How long does it take? A week? Month? Two?

Of course, there is no universal answer to this question. We are all individual, each of us has his own life and many factors that determine how long it will take for us to prepare. However, we will still try to help you correctly calculate the time needed for you personally.

To begin with, you should remember about the composition of your family. Are all the people living with you in the same apartment ready to move? If so, then this is just wonderful. But if not, you will have to start with psychological preparation.

According to experts, the worst thing about the change of place of residence is carried out by children and elderly people. In both cases (if the child already consciously perceives everything that is happening around), you need to do the following: about six months before the move you should begin to emphasize the advantages of moving. Your older relatives may be interested in, for example, the proximity of clinics, the possibility of having a garden or a vegetable garden, a large area of ​​housing, etc. Children will be pleased with a playground or a cinema next door, a separate room in the apartment, new school or kindergarten friends. In any case, remember that you know your loved ones better than anyone else. So, you just need to understand what exactly look forward to.

As for very young children, they should be introduced in advance to the place where you are leaving. Take a walk with your baby in the yard of your future home, come with your children to new housing, and then your child will not have any psychological problems.

Now let’s move on to more material factors. To begin with, decide whether you will deal with the move yourself or contact a moving company. This is an important point, since in the first case, preparation will take much longer. Have you made a decision? Then read the information below.

If you think that you can cope with everything on your own, you need to start acting at least a month in advance. First of all, determine how much and what kind of packaging you will need. Just be prepared for the fact that your calculations will not be completely correct, and therefore some of the materials will have to be bought up, and some of them will not be needed at all. Do you want to avoid this situation? Then call  All in Moving Systems Company. Our specialists will come to your apartment and help you calculate the amount of packaging you need as accurately as possible.

Then you will need to purchase everything you need, determine the exact date of the move, order the appropriate transport, and also find movers (or friends who can cope with this task). It will take you about 2-3 weeks to complete all these actions, and you will have 7 more days at your disposal to do the packaging. Why so early? Because initially you will be putting things that you don’t use every day: books, off-season clothes, bedding, toys, etc. Then, in 2-3 days, pack all the furniture, except for the beds and sofas on which you sleep. And finally, on the last day you will collect all the remaining things.

If you decide that moving with the help of a moving company is more suitable for you, then a month before day X you only need to do the following: call us and order the necessary service. Then for several weeks you can sleep peacefully, and only in the last days will the preparatory turmoil begin. And even then you will not need to do anything except to control the progress of the whole process – All in Moving System Company will do absolutely all the work for you. They will even provide you with a suitable car!