We provide storage services for both companies and individual customers. If you have a long distance move and cannot take all of your belongings or you don’t have a place to store them, call us!

In All in Moving Company you will find a temporary home for your furniture, sports equipment (bicycles, skis, sledges …) and other things that we will take from your home. Safe storage and delivery anytime you need it.

If you need additional space for your belongings, call us. Our Company rents pallet places, we have shipping containers, we store furniture, various goods, as well as documentation in special sealed boxes.

All in Moving Company is able to collect and deliver goods to our warehouse, offer a flexible short-term and long-term rental agreement. We will help you to choose a place for your needs, and offer a large choice of materials for the proper protection of property during storage and transportation.

Sometimes our clients need to leave furniture, clothing, or other household items in a safe place for a long time. Perhaps you received an inheritance or leave your home to work abroad for a long time and do not know where to leave the things that you are not ready to part with forever. Our storage is also a great option for students who can safely store their belongings with us during their summer break.

Why All in Moving Systems is the best choice for long term storage?

  • Professional packaging

It’s common knowledge, that there are various types of packaging material, from the notorious stretch film to wooden boxes, which are often used for long-distance rail transportation.

We, in turn, resort to the use of all kinds of packaging materials that are able to fully protect your property during transportation in the right hands.

  • Collection without hassles

Specialists of All in Moving Systems will come straight to your home and pack your belongings in special storage containers. You don’t have to think about how to transport bulky furniture or a mountain of household appliances. You will save money on van rental, loaders and,

 the most important, your time!

  • Keeping track of your items in the warehouse

Some of our clients require especially long term storage. In this case, they often do not see their things for years. All in Moving Systems conducts an inventory for each client. Thus, we know everything about every item that is in our storage.

  • Guaranteed integrity

Whenever it is possible, we try to seal all customers’ containers in order to ensure maximum safety for them. The container will be closed until you are ready to pick it up.

  • Convenient delivery

As soon as you are ready to pick up your belongings, our staff will deliver them at any convenient place and time.

  • Insurance without risks

If you want to deposit especially valuable items, All in Moving Systems is ready to offer you additional insurance against fire. You can also take advantage of transit insurance, which is valid from the moment you send your belongings from home until you receive them back. If you decide to purchase fire insurance, it will be valid while your belongings are in the warehouse.