No hassle service

You do not need to think about furniture disassembly, packing, transportation, storage, etc. Professional and insured movers will do all this for you.

Safe, clean and secure warehouse

While we specialize in moves within Los Angeles, we also move throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and other states.

Minimal use of space

Professional movers fill the vaults with boxes like in Tetris. You will not pay for unused space.

Cost efficient storage

You can increase or reduce the number of vaults if necessary necessary. You can pay either cash or with a credit card.

Storage Service

Moving is not always difficult! You need a storage service - that's not a problem at all. We will come to you at the appointed time, pack all your things, store them as long as necessary, and deliver them back as soon as you request. All you have to do is call us or get your quote online.

We provide storage services for both companies and individual customers. If you have a long distance move and cannot take all of your belongings or you don’t have a place to store them, call us!

In All in Moving Company you will find a temporary home for your furniture, sports equipment (bicycles, skis, sledges …) and other things that we will take from your home. Safe storage and delivery anytime you need it. If you need additional space for your belongings, call us. Our Company rents pallet places, we have shipping containers, we store furniture, various goods, as well as documentation in special sealed boxes.

All in Moving Company is able to collect and deliver goods to our warehouse, offer a flexible short-term and long-term rental agreement. We will help you to choose a place for your needs, and offer a large choice of materials for the proper protection of property during storage and transportation.

Need storage?

Need storage?


Short-term storage service from All in Moving Systems is your best solution if you are between moves. Is your old home already sold, and the new one hasn't been bought or built yet? Do you want to move into a temporary home or apartment until your new one is ready? We are always ready to provide several movers, a truck, and a reliable temporary home for your belongings!


The repair process itself is not a troublesome business. Even more problems appear when you need to free your house / apartment or office from some items. In this case, our storage service will come to your aid. Our movers will come to your home, carefully pack all the necessary items, bring them to our storage and deliver them back as soon as you ask.


This task is often even more difficult than just moving. By far the most popular solution for this task is to sell or donate. But each of us has things that are difficult to part with forever. In this case, we suggest you send them to our storage.

Self-storage or our

The Self-storage service is especially popular now, but does this mean that it is the best storage solution? Of course not! When renting self-storage unit, you are often paying for an empty space that you do not even use. You will also have to find a truck and labor in order to get your belongings to and from the self-storage unit. Temporary labor is often unqualified which means that the risk of damage of your belongings during transportation is quite high.

The picture looks completely different if you use our storage service! All our movers are licensed and insured; we don’t use any temporary help or day laborers. They will come to your home and do a complete inventory of all the items going into storage, pack them, load it on to the truck and unload it in our warehouse. If there is anything that needs to be disassembled they will do that for you as well and of course they would reassemble it upon redelivery. Our movers will also set up and place all your furniture exactly where you would like it at the new location upon redelivery.

Our moving and storage services include:

  • furniture disassembly;
  • furniture packaging;
  • marking;
  • packing property and office equipment into special packaging material;
  • drawing up an inventory list;
  • loading into the truck;
  • delivery of goods by our transport to the warehouse;
  • storage;
  • loading and delivery of goods on our transport to a new address.

1 Vault

Ideal for 1 room, studio or piano

5' X 7'

2 Vaults

Ideal for large studio, 1 bedroom apartment

10' X 7'

3 Vaults

Ideal for 1-2 bedroom apartment, condo or home

15' X 7'

4 Vaults

Ideal for 2 bedroom apartment, condo or home

20' X 7'

5 Vaults

Ideal for 2-4 bedroom home or condo

25' X 7'

Need more?

No problem, we got you covered

Here is how our clients respond to our company

Aaron Samson
Aaron Samson
Great company. Go with the all in rate! Ask for Richard! He was the leader of my 6 man crew. Really nice and very communicative.
Angela Draper
Angela Draper
Richard and his team were excellent! They showed up early, worked extremely fast and efficiently, and packed and secured all of our stuff in our moving cube way ahead of schedule! 5 stars!
Jen Anne Celestre-Cobillas
Jen Anne Celestre-Cobillas
Our three person team worked hard and efficiently! There was no wasted time and they were polite and friendly. I was amazed that they finished as quickly as they did. They were also a fair price for the quality of the work!
Natallia Dzeshavitsyna
Natallia Dzeshavitsyna
We a had a great experience with All in Moving Systems. The communication was great! Irina was very responsive and helpful when we needed to reschedule. The team of movers was very efficient, professional and thorough. Everything arrived in a good shape. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!
Chanell Prince
Chanell Prince
Great movers!!!! Worked fast and very careful and listened on exactly how I wanted my storage organized. Thanks guys!!!
Julian Genkins
Julian Genkins
I had a 1br/1ba local move from Palo Alto to Menlo park and sought out All in Moving Systems for help. From the start everything went perfectly. Angel and Jose arrived early, parked respectfully on the street and immediately walked up to get instructions. After a few logistics, they got to work covering all my furniture in blankets, plastic wrap and tape. We got through the whole apartment in 90 minutes, then drove across town and the unloading was even faster. They were intuitive in their understanding of were I wanted furniture, asking for but needing very little instructions. Finally, they did not take breaks until the very end, meaning all of this was done in the near minimum time. Regarding payment, there was no hidden fees, and a very reasonable rate. Overall highly respectful, efficient, and effective crew. 5 stars to All In, but in particularly Angel and Jose. Truly a great experience, would use again.
Kendall Mayes
Kendall Mayes
All In Moving Systems fulfilled our requirements for an urgent next-day job with consideration, professionalism, full price transparency, and respect - during the quoting and booking process, during further communication about details, as well as when the crew was on site. I recommend this company to others and would hire this company again.
Matt Bogado
Matt Bogado
I called All-in Moving Systems on Tuesday tired of trying to move my house by myself. They had a crew available for Saturday. The crew came on time, we’re very respectful and friendly. Good great care of out stuff and we’re amazing at packing everything for us. They definitely delivered a great service and I’m going to call them back when I have to move again. Highly recommended!!!
chris finn
chris finn
Richard and company did a great job with our move. Very friendly staff and were very helpful and punctual.
Mister Spiffy
Mister Spiffy
The team was friendly and personable. They moved quickly and thoughtfully. Would absolutely use them again on a future move