Movers in Morgan Hill

The early history of Morgan Hill dates back to when it was occupied by the Costanoan Indians. A Mexican land grant was established and the land was deemed the Rancho Ojo de Agua de la Coche. Extensive acreage was given to Martin Murphy and on this land, Hiram Morgan Hill built his ranch. The area, then known as Huntington, became known as Morgan Hill through the development of the railroad and the popularity of Hiram Morgan Hill’s ranch. Morgan Hill sits on the southernmost tip of San Jose. One of the biggest reasons that people are moving to Morgan Hill is its proximity to Silicon Valley. Many tech companies are within a 30-minute drive to Morgan Hill, meaning this is a great place to buy a home for people who work in the tech industry and are looking for real estate outside of the big inner cities.

The population of rural Morgan Hill rests at about 45,000 residents according to an estimate done by the US Census Bureau in July of 2018. Many people who live here commute all over the Bay Area for work and the average commute time for residents of Morgan Hill is 35 minutes (US Census Bureau, survey). The median price for a home in Morgan Hill is $990,000 as of August 2019 according to Zillow an online real estate database. Not as pricey as nearby Los Gatos, where the median price for a home is $2.1 million (Zillow). Morgan Hill has a Mediterranean climate with August as the hottest month with average high temperatures sitting around 88 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest month is December with average high temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit (National Centers for Environmental Information, NOAA).

Morgan Hill is the right place for you to raise a family, grow your business, or take a getaway vacation. There are plenty of wineries and parks for those who wish to catch some sun. One great destination in Morgan Hill is Anderson Lake, a 3,000-acre park that offers power boating, picnic areas, and hiking. It is also home to Tam Tu Metta, a Buddhist heritage park and meditation center. There’s even a small airport that offers skydiving for those who are daring enough to try it! Morgan Hill may be the right place for you, and All in Moving Systems of Morgan Hill is the right company to move you here.


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