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Pleasanton’s history dates back to the time period when the Spanish missions were disbanded and big plots of land in California land were given to Mexican families. Jose Amador established the first settlement here, and Pleasanton served as a quick stop for gold miners on the way to dig their fortunes. Augustine Bernal was a man who lived in Pleasanton for most of his life, his house was built around 1850 and is still standing today. He was also a key player in establishing the horse racetrack that brought the Alameda county fairgrounds to Pleasanton. John Kottinger named Pleasanton after a civil war general Alfred Pleasonton, funny story, the city clerk made a typo and the town was named Pleasanton instead of Pleasonton.

The population of Pleasanton is around 82,000 people according to the US Census Bureau’s 2018 estimate. If you are looking to buy a home, it would benefit you to know that the median home value in Pleasanton is drifting around $1.1 million. If you are looking to rent the median rent price is 3,600 (Zillow, 2019). Neighborhood Scout, an online database for crime statistics, reports that Pleasanton is safer than 27% of US cities with a crime rate of around 1,800 total crimes per year. The weather here is, not surprisingly, pleasant. The average winter highs are around 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the average summer highs are around 88 degrees Fahrenheit (NOAA).

Home of the Alameda county fairgrounds, Pleasanton can be a fun and exciting place to spend the day. It is also a peaceful place to live at home. Here you are removed from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area inner cities and you are able to enjoy a simple, easy, suburban life.

 Affordable Moving Company in Pleasanton

Residents here appreciate good quality services at affordable prices. We know as we have been servicing homes and offices in Pleasanton for more than 10 years. New to Pleasanton? Be careful when choosing a moving company. We recommend that you check with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to ensure the company that you hire is legitimate. All in Moving Systems is a fully licensed and insured moving company with worker’s compensation insurance for our employees. We are proud to serve Pleasanton, and our professional and experienced staff have been moving our clients to and from Pleasanton for many years. Be sure to look at our Google reviews and ratings and see for yourself what our satisfied customers are saying about us. Thank you for considering All in Moving Systems, one of the best movers in the Bay Area.