San Mateo Movers

San Mateo is named after Saint Matthew. The word San Mateo comes from the Spanish name for Matthew: Matheo. In the late 1700s, a Spanish exploration party named a creek nearby after their patron Saint Matthew and later a mission was built along the creekside. American settlers moved here after the establishment of the gold rush, and when the railroad came along San Mateo became a hotspot for early Bay Area commuters. The College of San Mateo was built and started operation in 1922. A comfortable drive from the heart of Silicon Valley is linked to three major freeways, US-101, I-280 and State Highway 92. San Mateo is home to SamTrans, one of the largest transit agencies in California that is ready to connect you to BART, Caltrain, VTA, and other transit lines that link to the rest of California. San Mateo is home to Sony, Franklin Templeton, GoPro, and Netsuite. The San Mateo/Hayward Bridge, re-built in 1967, makes for great access to any area in the Bay and is one of the longest bridges in the United States. 

San Mateo has a population estimated to be about 105,000 people, and with an area of 12 square miles, the density sits around 8,700 people per square mile (US Census Bureau, July 2018). The location grants easy access to all of the Bay Area and the average commute time to work is about 28 minutes (US Census Bureau, survey). The median price for a home in San Mateo is $1.3 million according to the August 2019 report from Zillow, a trusted online real estate database. Zillow predicts that the median price will fall by -3.8% by next year indicating that it is a buyer’s market for homes right now in San Mateo. The weather in San Mateo is moderate. The summer is cool with high temperatures averaging 72 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August and the winter is nice with average highs around 57 degrees Fahrenheit in January and December (National Centers for Environmental Information, NOAA).

San Mateo is a great place to live and work in the Bay Area. It has all the amenities you will need to lead a comfortable life. San Mateo can be the right fit for you. You need a moving company that will fit your needs as well. 


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