Walnut Creek Movers

In the time before Spanish settlers arrived in California, Walnut Creek was home to the Bay Miwok or Bolbones Indians. The name Walnut Creek was derived from the name given to it under a land grant, Rancho Arroyo de Las Nueces y Bolbones. Ygnacio Sibiran built the first standard house here. The surrounding areas had seen a huge influx in the number of people due to the post-WWII industrial boom. Many industries were located just within reach of Walnut Creek. People could live and work here without the hustle and bustle of the neighboring inner cities.

Walnut Creek, as of July 2018, has over 69,800 residents according to the US Census Bureau. A comfortable and healthy population, the median household income in 2017 was just above $86,000 per year, securely above the national median income of $59,000 of that same year (US Census Bureau). If you are raising a family it’s good to know that the percentage of the population that are high school graduates living in Walnut Creek is supremely high at 97.5% (US Census Bureau). Walnut Creek is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, the weather here is fantastic. August is the hottest month with average highs of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and December is the coldest month with average highs of 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moving to Walnut Creek could be the best decision for you. Whether or not you are relocating for business or following your dreams, Walnut Creek endows a sense of satisfaction and creates a great environment for education and prosperity.


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