Redwood City Movers

Lurching and meandering in a complex network of housing communities and residential blocs, Redwood City streets are teeming with busy life. The gracious setting of the former home of the giant sequoias is cast in stark contrast to the smoggy land of smoke and glass buildings. We may be a company that moves your home, but we know, with the surety of a taxicab driver, the culture of our great city. We’re not just here to prove to you that we’re great Bay Area movers, but we think you should read some interesting qualities about Redwood City. Complex, stylish, trendy and totally metropolitan, Redwood City is sure to please your better senses, and perhaps you not-so-better senses.

Moving Company in Redwood City

Home to large employers such as Oracle and Electronic Arts, this city of the redwood is truly a city of giants. Oracle alone employs 5,955 people, or nearly 7% of its total population. Home values aren’t small either. estimates that the median listing home price is $1.6 million, while the actual median sold price being not far behind at a staggering $1.5 million. Make sure your property and you household goods are treated with respect if you’re considering moving (Hint: if you’re reading this, you probably are considering moving to Redwood City. ) And while perhaps the business friendly atmosphere of Redwood City is palpable, even so, some non-profits are being forced out by high property costs according to leaders in philanthropy that met in Redwood City as part of the Northern California Grantmakers’ Nonprofit Displacement Project. And not just Redwood City was on that list, most of the Bay Area cities were. Still, this peninsula city should be a beacon on any mover’s radar.

Having a move estimator assess the quality of your belongings can save you time and money by ensuring your valuables are treated with the dignity that a price tag can’t show. Do yourself a favor and do this move with the professionals. You will never regret making a great decision. And we hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Redwood City.