San Bruno Movers

Captain Bruno Heceta ventured and explored the western shore of San Francisco in the late 1700’s. He named the land on the peninsula of the western shore Mount San Bruno, the town was eventually named after that mountain. In 1914 San Bruno became an official municipality. It was a rural town along the El Camino Real until the 1940’s when WWII brought military operations to the town of San Bruno. After the war, a lot of the service personnel and veterans settled down here in San Bruno. Further down the timeline there was a housing boom between the 1960s and 1980s a lot of housing was built and the population increased. San Bruno is an international airport city now and is quite successful. People in San Bruno are just a short distance to the fish markets and hundreds of seafood restaurants in San Francisco, but they need not travel beyond the city’s limits to enjoy city life. San Bruno is home to a large casino – Artichoke Joe’s, it is the home of Youtube, and it is the global headquarters of Walmart’s eCommerce operations.

San Bruno is not a highly populated city mainly due to the restriction of the ability to build more houses, as the land is basically all used up. The population of San Bruno is roughly 43,000 based on an estimate done by the US Census Bureau in July of 2018. The home prices in San Bruno are stereotypical of the Bay Area real estate market. The median price for a home here in San Bruno is $998,000 (Zillow, 2019). It has a very central location and getting to work is generally easy. The average commute time to work is 26 minutes according to a survey completed by the US Census Bureau. The weather in San Bruno is typical of a Bay Area city. It averages 8 days of rain in January, the wettest month, with average temperatures ranging near 57 degrees Fahrenheit. In September, the hottest month, the average high temperatures are around 74 degrees Fahrenheit. (National Centers for Environmental Information, NOAA). 

You will enjoy San Bruno as its location will suit your new Bay Area life. You will have access to great schools, easy shopping, and fun places like California’s Great America. 21st Century San Bruno is strongly moving forward into the future of California. Let our strong movers move you into your new home in San Bruno.


All In Moving Systems has been servicing San Bruno residents for more than 10 years. We provide excellent Bay Area moving services. Our movers are seasoned professionals, they know the ins and outs of moving in San Bruno. We handle your move with utmost attention to detail. Our moving consultant will inform you of everything you need to know for your move and our service team will pack and transport your belongings with discretion and care. Always check the background of the moving company you are choosing with the California Public Utilities Commission. Some moving companies are operating unlicensed which poses a problem to the consumer. In case of any emergency or if any damages happen on the job, those companies are not equipped to handle the scenario. We at All In Moving Systems are fully licensed and insured with worker’s compensation for our hard-working staff. Let us handle your move from start to finish, we are all in on this one!