Fremont Movers

Fremont has breathtaking views of the Diablo Mountain Range. These mountains were a resource pocket for settlers of early California who forged iron for Leland Stanford’s railroad. In essence, the Fremont ironworkers helped pioneer the transport of trees across the famous San Francisco Bay, before there was a bridge to connect the two sides, and the train route was the only passageway through. The famous Charlie Chaplin, filmmaker and actor of the 1910s, filmed movies right here in Niles an area in Fremont city. Wally Pond is credited with naming the city Fremont after voters passed for its incorporation in 1956. During the turn of the 20th Century many Silicon Valley companies weren’t manufacturing overseas, but were manufacturing components right here in Fremont; among them was Apple. In 1984 Apple opened an automated factory that constructed the original Macintosh computers. Nowadays Fremont is home to Tesla since they purchased the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) factory/site of operations in 2010. Fremont may very well be the birthplace of modern tech manufacturing.

Fremont has an average percent of the population with bachelor’s degrees (55%) higher than that of the national average (31%) and with a population size of roughly 237,000 residents (US Census Bureau, 2018 estimate). So about 130,000 college graduates are living and working here in Fremont. It is has a great location near major freeways like I-880, I-680, and the Dumbarton Bridge State Route 84. The average commute time to work is 26 minutes (US Census Bureau, survey). Home prices are not among the most expensive in Silicon Valley. Note that the median home value is $1.0 million and has noticed a decline, it has dropped -3.4% in the past year as of August 2019 as reported by Zillow, a real estate market. The weather in Fremont is welcoming, average high temperatures of 59 degrees Fahrenheit in January, the coldest month, and average high temperatures of 79 degrees Fahrenheit in August, the hottest month (National Centers for Environmental Information, NOAA).

Fremont has all the amenities that you will need to live a comfortable life. The families who live and work here, shop here, and travel through Fremont are just like any other in a major city in the Bay Area. A good place for neighborhood watch communities (Neighbors by Ring, smartphone program), school programs, and higher learning. It is a thriving place for businesses, small offices, and larger companies. Fremont may very well be the place for you.


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