Santa Rosa Movers

Santa Rosa’s history is rich. The Pomo Native Americans, Spanish settlers, Mexican settlers, and American industrialists all called this place home at different times in history. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see Mexican style pueblo houses when you drive through Santa Rosa. Similar to what befell San Francisco in 1906, a major earthquake destroyed vast swaths of downtown infrastructure here in Santa Rosa. Just like Tom Brady “the come-back kid,” Santa Rosa dealt with the losses, rebuilt itself, and regained its footing methodically. The Hotel Del Rose was built in 1907, one year after the earthquake, and is still operating to this day. During the population influx of the Bay Area during WWII, Santa Rosa prospered and became a later site for the population boom that came about in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s – where the population exploded from roughly 31,000 to about 82,600.

The current population is estimated to be over 177,000 (US Census Bureau, July 2018). The economy here is prosperous, the median family household income is around $67,000 per year (US Census Bureau, 2013-2017). Technology companies play a key role in the job market of Santa Rosa, as does the local government. In terms of housing costs, the approximate median home value in Santa Rosa is $570,000 (Zillow, 2019). The median housing price is well below other areas in the San Francisco Bay Area, meaning that Santa Rosa is more affordable than say Palo Alto or Marin. The weather in Santa Rosa is mild with average temperature highs in the summer months around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and average temperature highs around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (NOAA). It is a great place to go outside and enjoy recreational activities. Sonoma County, where Santa Rosa is located, has 16 golf courses and plenty of other activities to enjoy while outdoors.

Santa Rosa is a great fit for your lifestyle. You are making a great choice to start your new life here in one of the more culturally rich cities in California. Bring yourself to your new home, and we will bring your house to you.


At All in Moving Systems, we have years of professional experience. We pride ourselves on being one of the top moving companies in Santa Rosa. We have the equipment, qualified staff, and the motivation to be your movers. Don’t be misled by cheap movers in the Bay Area who claim to have the most affordable prices. Most of these operations are not legitimate and many customers end up running into problems with these unlicensed service providers. We highly recommend that you check the certification of the company you are considering through the Better Business Bureau and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) before deciding who will move you. At All in Moving Systems, we are a fully licensed and insured moving company with worker’s compensation for our employees. In addition, you can check out our Google page for testimonials from our past customers. We are ready to provide you great service at an affordable price.