Milpitas Moving Company

Seated 46 miles southeast of San Francisco and 7 miles north of San Jose, Milpitas is a city of the South Bay Area. It offers an amazing view of Diablo Range foothills. It’s just minutes from the Norman Mineta International Airport in San Jose and a major thoroughfare for travel across the Bay Area. With highway 237 and Interstates I-680 and I-880 nearby, commuting to San Francisco or Oakland International Airports is easy. Brief history, the name Milpitas, comes from Spanish origin meaning “little cornfield.” Historically, this was a farming community until the tech booms of the 1970s and 1990s. Nowadays, Milpitas is home to the Great Mall of the Bay Area. Entrepreneurs keep in mind that Milpitas is also known for being quite business-friendly. It is home to large electronic companies such as Lifescan and Cisco Systems. Each of these companies have a large number of employees and are a staple for the job market in Milpitas.

If you are looking to live and work in Milpitas it would benefit you to know that the average commute time for people working in Milpitas is 27 minutes according to a survey taken by the US Census Bureau. Home shopping in Milpitas? Just picture the huge rise in home values in the 20 year period from 1998 to 2018. In 1998, median home values were $264,500. In 2018 it shot up to $1,012,300. That’s a 283% increase. In fact, for those people who sold their Milpitas homes in 2018, they made an average profit of $770,300. Now that’s a nice amount (CNBC). The population of Milpitas is approximately 80,000 people at a density of 5,800 which is approximately 1/4th of the density of San Francisco – it is not so crowded here in Milpitas (US Census Bureau). For those of you looking to relocate your business within the Bay Area, there are about 271 acres of vacant business real estate here in Milpitas (information is courtesy of the city itself and is posted on the Milpitas city website). Milpitas averages about 13.9 inches of rain annually. The climate here is consistently temperate with winter temperatures ranging from low 40’s to upper 60’s and temperatures in summer averaging lows in mid 50’s and highs sitting in the low 80’s (National Centers for Environmental Information).

Milpitas has many amenities to offer. Swimming, arts and theatre, cultural arts, sports, and programs for all ages youth to senior. Hiking in the mountains is a common pastime and offers breathtaking views of the Bay Area on a clear day. Life in Silicon Valley’s Milpitas is consistently satisfactory. We are a company with a consistent satisfactory reviews from our customers, connect with us and we will service your move with some of the best packers and movers in the Bay Area.


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