Santa Cruz Movers

Santa Cruz is a coastal town in California. The Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, founded in 1907, is California’s oldest surviving amusement park. It has attracted fun-lovers for more than 100 years and counting. Santa Cruz is a city along the Pacific Coast about 30 miles south of San Jose and about 70 miles south of San Francisco. It is host to the University of California Santa Cruz, a world-class institution and one of the 10 universities which are a part of the University of California system. UC Santa Cruz is home to a world-renowned environmental studies department. Santa Cruz is a fun and exciting place to spend the day but is also a serene and peaceful place to live your life.

Many people live in Santa Cruz and commute to the Bay for their work every day. The average commute time according to the US Census Bureau is 23.5 minutes for workers ages 16 and up (2013-2017). The median household value in Santa Cruz is a whopping $896,700, and per square foot is ranked as high as some of the wealthiest areas of the Bay Area, including Marin County (Zillow, 2019). For students who are looking to go to college here, the graduation rate for students at UC Santa Cruz is a whopping 77%. (US Department of Education). During the year, the peak time for tourism in the summer, with an average high temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold sea breeze in the winter is refreshing with high temperatures averaging 61 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest month being December with lows averaging 40 degrees Fahrenheit (National Centers for Environmental Information, NOAA).

Santa Cruz is known as a beach town, but it has much more to it than that. Beautiful vineyards that make great California wine, a boardwalk that sees over 1 million tourists each year, to a lovely campus for earth-friendly college students, Santa Cruz is a hospitable place that many people love to call home.


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