Moving to Sunnyvale?

For much of the 18th and early 19th centuries, Native Americans and Westerners lived in close proximity to each other in the area which in the modern day is known as Mountain View and Sunnyvale. In 1860, with the newly laid railroad tracks, Murphy Train Station became a hotspot for businesses that were shipping products to other towns in the West. Much like its neighboring cities, Sunnyvale was initially home to orchards and other agricultural developments. Canneries and rail lines were the main sources of business up until the WWII era with the iron industry moving in to fuel the massive war efforts. The tech boom brought in thousands of high tech workers and now Sunnyvale is home to large corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Apple, Yahoo, HP, and Google.

With average temperatures around 75 degrees, Fahrenheit in the Spring and Summer and average temperatures of 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the Fall and Winter (courtesy of weather-us, an online weather database), Sunnyvale is a comfortable place to live. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2018 over 150,000 people called Sunnyvale home. Many of these people are college-educated (62% have a bachelor’s degree or higher according to US Census Bureau) and enjoy the physical activity (there are over 130 multi-purpose sports fields). According to the 2018 National Citizen Survey, about 90% of residents experience a good or excellent quality of life in Sunnyvale, and over 90% of residents describe Sunnyvale as a safe place to live.

No matter what your lifestyle, Sunnyvale is certainly a sunny place to move to. You will enjoy your time living here and you need a mover who you will enjoy moving with.


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