Oakland Movers and Moving Company

Before California became a US state, Oakland was settled by Spanish and Mexican people. On May 4th, 1852 Oakland was officially incorporated as a city in California. There was American development prior to incorporation. Oakland experienced cohesive growth with San Francisco during the Gold Rush, bringing in thousands of people to work the mines. Banks, shops, and homes would explode and set the trend for Oakland to become one of the third-largest cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The HMO Kaiser Permanente was founded here in 1942 by Henry J. Kaiser, it is the largest private (non-government) health care provider in the world. (Consumer-Driven Health Care, Les Zendle, p661)

Huddled between the Diablo Mountain Range and the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is a diverse city with a population of almost 430,000 people (US Census Bureau). Oakland is a major U.S. shipping port. Oakland is also a place to enjoy nature with over 5,900 acres of land dedicated to parks and recreational centers (City Profiles Oakland). The median household income as per the current 2017 US Census Report is just over $63,000 per year. The weather in Oakland is mild. The highest average temperature during the entire year is in September at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the average lowest temperature is in January at 45 degrees Fahrenheit (National Centers for Environmental Information).

Oakland has great hiking, unique landmarks, and fun places to visit – check out Jack London Square or Joaquin Miller Park. When most people hear Chinatown they think of San Francisco, but Oakland boasts its own unique and thriving, fun and exciting Chinatown. The arts, culture, the economy, and appeal brings you to Oakland. All in Moving Systems is to make sure your household goods get there safely and securely.


At All in Moving Systems, we are a fully licensed and insured moving company with worker’s compensation for our employees. If you take a closer look at cheap movers who offer “great prices” you will see that many of these companies are not legal entities and do not have the necessary requirements to guarantee a quality moving experience. At All in Moving Systems, we have no hidden fees, period. You can rely on us, the professional movers at All in Moving Systems, to take the stress out of relocating your home or business. We are one of the best movers in Oakland and are ready to perform your move.