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Dublin is about 19 miles east of Oakland and 4 miles northwest of Pleasanton. It is a small city where residents are removed from the noisy streets of the bustling inner cities along the bay. Dublin’s history began as a crossroads for stagecoach routes. Jose Maria Amador, a Mexican soldier, was awarded land here in 1822 for his service in the army, and in the years following his acquisition built the first pueblos here. In 1960 the first suburban housing units underwent construction and Dublin transformed into the city it is today. Dublin is home to a minimum-security Federal Correctional Institute – there is a Hollywood-like story to this prison. In 1986, Ronald McIntosh escaped from Dublin correctional institute during a routine transfer. His escape began the story. He returned to Dublin a week later in a stolen helicopter, landed in the prison courtyard, and picked up his girlfriend. The two were later arrested after 10 days of freedom. The prison in Dublin is now currently only for female inmates. There is a famous Irish town that shares the same name, Dublin, so it’s no surprise that Saint Patrick’s day attracts a large crowd who enjoy partaking in the wonderful parades and celebrations.

The total population of Dublin, as per a July 2018 estimate done by the US Census Bureau, is just over 63,400 residents. The median household income, $138,000 per year, indicates that Dublin is a wealthy, thriving, community of hard workers and educated professionals (US Census Bureau, 2013-2017). The weather here is generally moderate. The hottest months in the summer are July and August, with average high temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit; and the hottest month in the winter is January, which receives about 3 inches of rain annually and experiences high temperatures around 57 degrees Fahrenheit (NOAA). The average home is generally more affordable than most cities in the Bay Area, the median home value is roughly $864,000 (Zillow, 2019).

If you like suburban life, Dublin is a great place to settle down. It has bowling, movies, good schools, and a great location to live a working life in the Bay Area. It is a great place to call home.

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