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What to do During Your Move

The fact that you are considering hiring professionals for your upcoming move speaks for itself. It is clear that you have serious intentions having a smooth service from start to finish. The choice of using a professional moving company for your upcoming move makes a lot of sense when you know that you won’t be able to rely on your friends to help you move.

When a project involves moving extra heavy items, such as piano, safe or heavy appliances, it’s best to hire professionals to pack and move your items – quickly, safely, and hassle-free. Moving to multiple destination points, moving across the country or moving to a storage facility are good reasons to put the heavy load on the shoulders of the moving company.

Whatever the specific reason you choose to use professional services it’s a great idea to keep involved while the crew is packing and moving your things. Your duties should correlate to the moving process, but should never interfere with movers’ work. Let’s dive into this topic and discuss the best strategy for you to follow on your upcoming moving date.

What to do when movers are packing?

I know, I know – having strangers in your house digging through your precious items is a pretty bizarre feeling, right? That’s why we won’t blame you if you might be tempted to keep an eagle’s eye on everything the movers are touching. Are they careful enough? Have they protected your lovely cabinet? Are their any scuffs on the walls? Keeping all of this in mind can be a pretty stressful experience, hence it is best to address all your concerns ahead of time and then to stay out of the movers’ way.

However if you really want to help, there are a few small things you can do before and during the moving day that your movers will appreciate. Here are four ways to make your move as easy as possible.

Pack and label as many boxes as you can

Although most of the moving companies offer packing services, you need to understand that additional packing will cost extra time and money for you.  In order to avoid that, take some time and pack your boxes before the moving date. Start with emptying dresser drawers, then organize everything into boxes, and finally label everything with its respective destination. This will make it easy for your movers to know exactly where to put your possessions in your new home. They’ll appreciate your help and you’ll appreciate the cost-savings after the move.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have a chance to complete the packing in a timely manner, immediately let the moving company know about it so the crew will be ready to finish it for you. All in Moving Systems is always here to help, but we need to be prepared to complete it professionally. We’ll take care of everything from your furniture down to your favorite china set, with only a few exceptions (hazardous items cannot be packed).

Pack small and fragile valuables yourself 

Although the crew will always take the necessary precautions to ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged during a move, sometimes things happen that are out of their control. Road or weather conditions can affect even the best movers on the market.  Hence, to put your mind at ease, pack smaller, valuable items — like jewelry, artwork or small electronics — in your personal vehicle. This way, you minimize the risks and save the labor time for actual heavy lifting.

Be a considerate host 

Everyone loves when their hard work is appreciated, and movers are not an exception. If you wish you can offer them some cold refreshments and snacks. It is a nice gesture to show your appreciation for their hard work. If it is lunch time, you can order some simple food for them, such as pizza or sandwiches, so they can stay fueled up for a day. This is not a requirement, just a suggestion.

Remember: you hired the professionals

Remember, you chose a moving company for a reason. They have been moving for years, so let them take care of your issues for you. If your search for a moving company was a last-minute request” you probably didn’t take the time to hire a reputable moving company. But with All in Moving Systems you did hire the right people, so you can relax and enjoy their work. You are paying not only for labor, but also for an outstanding experience.