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The most difficult things to move

The most difficult things to move

If you’ve decided to save on loaders or a moving service and move on your own, the process of moving can be quite tedious and complicated, however, thanks to careful planning, you can organize all stages of the move in detail and avoid a lot of trouble.

To be able to complete the move, you need to be very well prepared. But you’ll have things that are difficult to move anyway. So why are some things harder to transport than others?

Several features make some items hard to move from your old place to a new one:

• With a small chance of survival

It means moving your animals and plants;

• Extreme fragility – it makes no sense to deliver crystal glasses, works of art or a plasma TV to your new house if they are broken into pieces;

• Heavyweight

Heavy and bulky furniture and appliances can be damaged during transportation and / or when trying to squeeze them through narrow doors, in sharp bends.

Below you can find a list of the most difficult things that you need to transfer to your new home, based on these characteristic features.

1. Plants

Moving plants is challenging. Moving companies don’t always guarantee the safety of your plants, but you can do it by yourself. Just put flower pots in boxes and put them in the trunk or the back seat of your car. If you move around the city or a short distance, there is a good chance that you can deliver them safe and sound.

2. Pets

Transporting animals is not easy, but still feasible if you know what measures should be taken to keep them safe and sound. First, it’s better to visit your veterinarian to ensure your pet is in good physical health, take any vaccination records or health certificates, and seek advice. Then you need to choose a suitable container for transportation and ensure the comfort of your little friend (food, water, toys, or something suitable in your case). You should take your pet in your vehicle (if possible), often stop on the way, walk, and play with it.

3. Fragile items

Glass products

Porcelain dishes and glass are very dangerous to move. However, if they are properly packaged, they can successfully survive your move. Stock up on the right packaging materials and treat your fragile items with reasonable care. The time lost during the packaging will save you a lot of nerves when unpacking.


The secret of keeping expensive and sensitive electronics intact can again be found in the right packaging technique. If you keep the original boxes, you have a good chance of success. If not, look for sturdy boxes of appropriate sizes.

4. Special equipment

Musical instruments and sports equipment expand the list of difficult things to move.

Guitars and other instruments that come with custom-designed cases are generally well protected, but you will probably have some problems if you want to move the piano or drums. It’s very difficult to lift and carry tools of a strange shape and / or extremely heavy. Moreover, the likelihood of their damage during operation increases sharply with each flight of stairs or a sharp turn. You should consider hiring professional movers in this case.

All of the above are very difficult things to transport from your old house to your new one, so decide if they are worth all the money and effort. Maybe it’s better to just sell or give them away, except items of high sentimental value that are irreplaceable and pets that are part of the family. Whatever you decide, remember that All in Moving Systems can provide you with invaluable assistance. Our help and advice will help you avoid troubles.