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Short and Long-term Storage

Our company has been successfully operating in the field of moving and storage for more than 10 years. Our employees are an experienced, close-knit team of professionals who will solve any problem related to relocation. Hundreds of satisfied customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond are the best proof of the quality of our service. Recently, the storage service is becoming more and more popular. In this situation, we are glad to have all the necessary equipment and special premises to provide this service at the highest level.

Why storage can be needed during your move?

The lease of your old house has expired, but you cannot fully move to the new one yet? Or you are renovating your house and looking for temporary storage for your stuff? Or maybe you are having a business trip abroad? Storage service from All in Moving Systems is the best solution for you!

Our company understands that sometimes, for certain reasons, some people cannot move all their belongings to a new place of residence right away. Therefore, we are pleased to offer each of our customers a variety of storage options. Our consultants are always ready to choose the most convenient option that will meet all your needs.

Short and Long-term Storage

What is storage service from All in Moving Systems:

Our moving and storage services include:

  • furniture disassembly;
  • furniture packaging;
  • marking;
  • packing property and office equipment into special packaging material;
  • drawing up an inventory list;
  • loading into the truck;
  • delivery of goods by our transport to the warehouse;
  • storage;
  • loading and delivery of goods on our transport to a new address;
  • unloading of cargo at a new address;
  • unpacking;
  • furniture assembly and placement according to the approved plan;
  • garbage collection after moving.

Why our services are cheaper than moving on your own?

Our safekeeping services are much less expensive than organizing your own warehouse to store your property. In addition, we are always happy to provide logistics services for the transportation of your cargo or personal belongings – we will transport your cargo or personal property to our warehouse immediately.

Reliable temporary home for your belongings of any kind

All in Moving Systems is ready to provide space for the temporary storage of property such as

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Dishes
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Sports Equipment
  • Tires
  • Documents, archives
  • Safes
  • Promotional materials
  • Exhibition equipment, etc.

We will not only provide a place in the warehouse for storing furniture or things, but also disassemble the furniture, if needed, protect all your belongings and transport them to the warehouse and back to your new office or apartment once you are ready for your stuff to be delivered. Warehouses are equipped with modern security systems, they are climate controlled. They are ideal even for long-term storage of office equipment, archival documents, personal belongings, upholstered and cabinet furniture

Our advantages:

  • worked out algorithms of actions help to reduce the time and cost of the service without losing its quality;
  • at any stage of transportation, the customers may not worry about the safety and integrity of their property;
  • highly professional employees, high-quality packaging material and vehicles in working order;
  • the ability to pay in cash and by credit cards;

Short and Long-term Storage


Short-term or Long-term storage?

Our company provides storage of two types: short-term and long-term. Next, we’ll take a closer look at each option so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

So, Long term storage. It usually lasts from 4 months to 1 year. For such a period, things could be stored during the renovation of the house or in case of going abroad. It is better to use a lot of packing paper or bubble wrap for prevention of any possible damages. We will wrap and protect customers’ furniture and belongings before putting them in storage. We will disassemble all the furniture for packing and moving. The warehouse doesn’t need to be near your house. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about sending too many heavy items to the warehouse, as professional transportation is included in the price.

In the case of storage, our company has a huge advantage, since our warehouse is of high quality, guarded, which is ideal for such type of storage. Our facility does not have public access. We pick up customers ’belongings from their homes or offices, then all the belongings are getting delivered to our company’s storage facility for storage. Once the customer is ready for their stuff to be delivered our company will do so. It’s important to know that while our clients’ belongings are stored at our storage facility; customers cannot get in there. All the belonging will be inventoried, counted and all the proper paperwork will be provided, including the final invoice for the services.

Short term storage usually lasts from 1 month minimum and up to 3-4 months. For such a period, things are usually put into storage when, for example, the lease contract has ended, but a new one has not begun. Or you need to go somewhere. Or you rented out your apartment. Even if you have a few little things to be stored, you still need to pack and prepare your belongings properly. And think about ordering transportation and storage in advance. All in Moving Systems have different types of packing materials available to protect your furniture!

Rent you different types of reliable boxes both for little and bulky things. We will gladly take your things of any size for storage. Carriage is, of course, included 🙂