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Self-Storage VS Vault Storage

You are planning a move! It does not matter what is the cause of it – apartment renovation, change of housing, departure abroad – the main thing is that this is a huge event in the life of any person. Today, more and more often people are faced with the need for storage service. The main criteria in this issue are convenience, reliability, and benefit. To solve this problem optimally, all this must be combined at once and together. Today we’ll look at two of the most popular storage options: self-storage and storage vaults.


Self-storage is a securely guarded lockable cell in a large warehouse. Currently, the service of individual storage of things has become very popular. However, it is not entirely convenient. For instance, racks and shelves cannot be installed in them, therefore you don’t use the whole space in the storage unit. You cannot stack up by your belongings like Tetris, and that is why there is a lot of empty space upon the top that you cannot use.

Self-storage has public access. It may seem very convenient that you can come to the warehouse at any time and see your property. But business hours of self-storage are limited, and because you are given the access to your unit it cost a little bit more then what a moving company like All in Moving Systems will charge you for storage.

For safety reasons, flammable and explosive substances are not accepted for storage, but otherwise – you can store anything that is not prohibited by law. People usually use self-storage for:

  • Furniture from apartments, houses, and offices
  • Small consignments of goods
  • Archives
  • Building materials for renovation
  • Bulky items for seasonal use (summer and winter tires, snowboard, sleds, boat, etc.)

All in all, when renting self-storage unit, you are often paying for an empty space that you do not even use, as it is not all the way full. In our vault storages you are paying only for the space that you are using. Moreover, we will come and pick up your belongings and deliver them back on request.

Vault Storage

Do you know, what vault storage is? Vault storage is large wooden crates that can become home for your belongings for some weeks, months, or even years. When providing storage service, All in Moving Systems always wrap and pad all our customers’ belongings first, and only after that, they are put in the crates. Every vault receives its unique tracking code.

Despite the immense popularity of self-storage, vault storage has many visible advantages too:

  1. You do not need to pay for space you don’t use

Storage vaults have, as a rule, a typical size (7 x 5 x 7 f, or 245 f3). So, you can easily determine, what amount of them is needed in your case. If you see that an item is too large for a vault crate, we will store it separately in our bay.

  1. Protected by professionals

This type of service is usually provided by competent moving companies like All in Moving Systems. In the case of storage, you can fully trust us, as we perform different processes connected to this service every day (packing, for example).

3.No need to worry about transportation

When you rent a vault from All in Moving Systems, you do not need to think about how to take things to the warehouse and collect them back. Our professional staff will do this work instead of you. All your things will be picked up, packed, put into a storage vault, and even returned as soon as you request it.

  1. Even more security compared to self-storage

Vault storage is a private, secure facility. As it has NO public access, our company guarantees additional protection and privacy for your property. No one has access to our warehouse except for the staff. But remember, you also can’t get in there while your belongings are stored at our storage facility.

In what cases do you need vault storage?

It will help to free your house or apartment from seasonal items (clothes and sports equipment can be handed over for long-term storage). Also, you can use this service for the temporary storage of your personal belongings (for 1 month at least).

If you are doing repairs in the apartment, house, or office, then furniture and things can also be inexpensively deposited in crates.

Also, such type of storage is very relevant when moving: in order not to clutter up a new apartment with a huge heap of things, you can hand over some of them for temporary storage and calmly settle in a new place.

Storage boxes are often used by people who regularly move for work or travel. Throwing personal belongings into the box before leaving and being sure that they will not disappear is a reasonable decision. As soon as you come back and rent a new apartment, we will deliver all your things to the new address.

Bulky or compact things, long or short term … We can handle any task! Contact us and take care of your belongings professionally!