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San Francisco’s population started mushrooming in the late 1840s when gold was discovered. Early Americans gained enormous wealth, and from the Gold Rush era spawned famous people that are Bay Area namesakes such as Leland Stanford, Henry Wells and William Fargo (Wells Fargo), Levi Strauss, and John Studebaker. Before the time of all of this fame and fortune, the Ohlone Indians inhabited this land for thousands of years. The century following the Gold Rush, the population of San Francisco and the surrounding areas has steadily increased, and several population booms happened in the 1950s, 70s, 90s, and 2000s. From WWII to the modern-day Dot Com age, people have been moving to San Francisco for more than 150 years.

Zillow is a trusted source for housing market information, they have said that San Francisco’s median home price hangs around $1.3 million – making it one of the most expensive large cities to live in, within the entirety of the United States. The larger portion of the city is occupied by renters – about 55% of the units in San Francisco are occupied by renters, the other 45% of the total units are privately owned and inhabited by the owners themselves. SF is the 13th largest city in the United States and the 4th largest in California. The Employment Development Department of California has released that the unemployment rate in San Francisco was 2.4% as of July 2019.

With a world-renowned art and fashion district along with exquisite dining and impressive nightlife, San Francisco is a city with much to offer for those who are moving here. The world-famous attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, are great day trips and getaways from your everyday life. You will enjoy living here alongside the San Franciscans who call “The City” their home.

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