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Preparation for storing outdoor furniture and terraces

Preparation for storing outdoor furniture and terraces

If you want the outdoor furniture, summer terrace, or shopping tent to last for a long time, you should protect them and cover for the winter. For seasonal storage, you should find a dry place, such as a garage and a pantry, or use the specialized service. If you don’t have such an opportunity, you should cover your furniture and street with a tarp. If you use a tarp, tie it securely, so that a gust of wind cannot blow it away, but there should be a little space left around for air circulation.

However, before sending the furniture for storage, it should be thoroughly cleaned, repaired (if necessary), and protected. A way of caring depends on what is the object made of.

Cushions and upholstered furniture

If there are removable covers on the cushions or furniture, remove and wash them. Moreover, you can add a little bleach to remove the mold, if the information on the label allows. Fold the dry pillow covers in a clean and dry place. Do not stack fabric objects directly on the floor, use a wooden pallet or other substrates.

Wash hammocks in a washing machine, then it remains only to dry them. They should be stored indoors.

Wash the umbrella cloth with a brush and a mild detergent. It should dry in the open position. It should be stored in a closed position.

Metal surfaces and furniture

First, we advise you to wash them with detergent. Then, you should inspect them for rust or other damage. If you find anything, use a rust-neutralizing primer for this area. Finally, apply a thin protective layer of car wax to all metal surfaces.

Wicker furniture

Use water-bleaching solutions to lubricate all surfaces. Then, you should clean the surfaces and remove mold. After that, you should carefully rinse the surfaces with the garden hose. You may also refresh them with spray paint, if necessary.

It’s better to store wicker furniture in a dry place on a small hill so that its legs can’t touch the floor.

Wooden furniture

Wash the furniture thoroughly with detergent and bleach. You should use an abrasive sponge. Then rinse your furniture thoroughly with a garden hose and let it dry. If the wood is painted and the finish needs repair or restoration, do not wait until it deteriorates. Make repairs right away.

If the wood has a natural finish that still looks good, you should apply a layer of water repellent to a clean surface.

Furniture made of plastic

Wash it thoroughly with detergent and dry. Store such furniture in a place where the temperature does not drop below zero.

Preparing furniture for any storage is not an easy task. And the storage itself sometimes takes up a lot of space, makes the room dusty and dirty. To avoid all sorts of problems All in Moving Systems is ready to help you both with moving and seasonal storage. We have specially equipped rooms with all the conditions that will allow your furniture to serve you as long as possible.

Preparation for storing outdoor furniture and terraces