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Planning an office move

Moving an office to a new place is not an easy task, whether you are moving to another floor of the same building or new office across the city. One of the most important factor is time. Nobody wants to lose it especially when it comes to business. When relocating, all commercial activities are stopped, and it can be detrimental to the company’s profit. So, your business should continue without interruptions.

Reputable moving companies understand such risks and realize everything should be well planned and done in the shortest period. So one of the main steps for you to do when planning an office relocation is to find a professional and reputable moving company. In this case, your mover will manage the relocation for you.

Inform your employees of the upcoming move. Use emails and meetings to discuss your future relocation. Do not forget to include in your announcement new office address, moving dates and the reason for the planning the move. Explain to employees what they have to do now if anything. Make an inventory list of what you have and what you need. A good rule is to move non-essential items first, and then go to more important and dimensional stuff. It will be very helpful to label all the boxes, so that it will be easier later to sort all files and documents. You can also hire packing specialists, who can help you to speed up the process of preparation for the move. They wrap and pack everything properly and secure your office stuff for delivery. If you are going to pack the office equipment yourself, ask your moving company for wrapping materials. They can provide you with boxes, paper packing materials, bubble wrap, sealing tape, and other items you may need. A real must-have for business is moving insurance! The perfect option is to have complete value protection. Not all companies offer it, but those that have
such a service will cover damaged lost or stolen stuff. But, like with all insurance,
there is always a monetary minimum the protection to be covered. When signing a contract, pay attention to the type of insurance each moving company can offer. There are always some exceptions in which a moving company can deny your damage claim. Quite often, if you use your boxes for packing and pack your stuff yourself, moving companies are not responsible for possible damages of your property. Another common exception to valuation cover is in-transit damage,
which may occur between points A and B.
Cleaning up your last office is also a very important task when relocating. If movers don’t clean up it, find someone who can do that. Contact your building manager to make sure you have to clean your old space or not so that you don’t need to pay for unnecessary cleaning or pay fees for not cleaning. The key to a successful office relocation is the ability to complete it with minimal downtime for your business. Our team can help you from the very beginning to organize your best office move stress-free. We can provide you with all the necessary information, guides, and contacts. We have special moving equipment, and big experience in guiding and organizing the relocation process. Moving can be easy if you deal with the professionals! We can move your office on budget and on schedule! Contact us now to know more about the office moving services we offer!