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Moving tips from All in Moving Systems

There aren’t too many resources on the internet if you’re looking for quick and dirty tips that you can check off on the day of your move. Follow them and you will be thanking yourself, and the movers will be thank you, later.

Before the Move:
o Clear the hallways of clutter and organize your items so that it’s easier to find
o Find a sitter for the kids to create less stress during the move (If you can’t find one, no worries.)
o Ask around for used boxes (must be sturdy and not bent) to save money on boxes.
o Clearly organize and label boxes appropriately if packing yourself (All in Moving Systems also provides packing services).
o Make sure you secure parking for the truck or moving van and inform your unit manager of the move as far in advance as possible
o Empty the contents of the refrigerator and drain the water out. Do the same for the washing machine.
o Take pictures of your items

During the Move:
o Have cold water available to hydrate
o Keep doors open for ventilation
o Play some light music for motivation and to keep up the spirits After the Move:
o Check items for damage
o Thank the movers for their help
o Post a good review online if the move went well
o Call our office if you have issues or questions
o Pat yourself on the back for doing a great job

We hope these practical tips will help you. All in Moving Systems is dedicated to making your move as seamless as possible.