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All in Moving Systems – Right to Refuse Moving Service Based on Unsanitary Conditions

Our moving company has a responsibility to our staff to provide the safest possible working conditions for them. For that to happen, their workspace (your home or business) should be reasonably clean and free of harmful substances. There should also be clear paths for them to walk on. This not only includes inside the home, but outside the home as well. Before each move, the foreman will conduct a preliminary observation of the workspace to assess whether it is safe for the workers to be there. If there is a determination that it may not be safe, the foreman will contact the service manager and the company may execute its right to refuse service to that customer.

Our movers must be exposed to the appropriate conditions for them to be efficient. This includes not wearing gloves if they prefer. Wearing gloves limits your tactile sensation and reduces the effectiveness of the mover’s performance. We must ensure that our professionals are not exposed to unnecessary dirt, grime, broken glass, injection needles, unsecured tailor/sewing needles, fecal matter, urine residue, blood stains, spilled chemicals or other unsanitary items. We understand that a little dirt or dust is harmless, but unreasonable amounts of the previously listed items can warrant us to refuse service. A professional technician will make the appropriate decision and relay that to our service manager.

Also note that we cannot enter homes currently under construction or that are being remodeled. This can create unsafe conditions where our workers can slip and fall or otherwise become injured.

If you have questions on any specific substance, please give us a call and we will be glad to help. We maintain that the best moving companies in the Bay Area put safety first.