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Moving from San Francisco

There are multitude reasons to move away from San Francisco. It has been well documented that for various reasons San Francisco is largely an unrecognizable place compared to just one decade ago. Where it was once the mecca of west coast finance and hub of Silicon Valley tech millionaires it has now been reduced to a homeless haven with needles and feces trashing the once beautiful streets. 

According to Business Insider (here), the number one reason that people are moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles is the out of control housing prices. The average cost of housing in San Francisco is now $1.3 million. There are other reasons people are leaving San Francisco. Higher taxes are another main concern for people. With the highest taxes paid out of any state in the Union, besides New York, people’s incomes are going mainly to the state and county coffers. People are fed up with these policies that transfers money out of their pockets and places it elsewhere, so they are voting with their feet and moving out of San Francisco. This has been one of the largest migrations of people out an area since the westward expansion in the early and mid 19th century. During that time there were approximately 710,000 people moving westward as the American territories opened and became states. During an average year about 691,000 people moved out of California. This unprecedented move means that hundreds of thousands of people per year are looking for an affordable moving company for professional moving from San Francisco. Whether your moving from SF to San Diego or moving from SF to LA, All in Moving Systems has the experience, equipment, and personnel to do the job right.

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