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Move Day Preparation

Please ensure the following is complete before the move to be fully prepared:

Parking is prepared for a 24-foot moving truck
Elevator is available and secured for movers
Building management is notified of the move date
Children are managed in a safe location (preferably offsite)
Customer is available in person for the entire duration of the move
Dresser drawers are emptied
Refrigerator is emptied and dried out 24 hours in advance
Other appliances (washer, dryer, microwave) are disconnected
Fish tank is drained and dried 24 hours prior to move
It is the responsibility of the customer that the entrances, exit ways, hallways, and the outside where workers will be working are safe to walk on with heavy furniture. We will take every precaution to ensure that we are as safe and gentle as possible on your property, but we need the same assurance that the conditions will be safe for our workers. Safety is our top priority.