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Lost or damaged items – how to file a claim

 Relocating can be both a fantastic opportunity and yet one of the more stressful things you have to do. Philosophically, overcoming a certain difficulty can be an instance of making progress towards a goal. If you have ever moved before, regardless of your experience you should know that sometimes items may get lost or become damaged. We all want everything to get done smoothly, but what are you to do if your grandma’s expensive vase is broken? Here are some tips and suggestions for you to be well prepared.

      If it happens that any of your household goods are damaged, or lost, during transportation, it is the customer’s responsibility to document the fact of damage or loss. The first thing you should document and record is any missing or damaged goods, and do this before signing the delivery paperwork. If you check everything and it all looks good but later you find damages or discover a loss, you may still file a claim. The law states that your claim must be filed, in writing, within 9 months after delivery of the goods.

      Your second step will be to request the necessary paperwork to file a claim from your moving company or agent. Quite often moving companies give you the option to file an electronic claim on the company’s web site.

      The third step is to keep all of your damaged items in the same condition and location as they were when delivered until they are inspected.  Note, your claim may be denied if you throw away the packing materials or move the items claimed for damage, it’s best to leave them as they are.

      After that, you should provide a description of your items and any other specific information. You must also claim a specific amount or worth for each item. Finish the description of your item with the date of your move, the origin address, the destination address, and the carrier’s order number. Supply your claim with details and pictures of broken items. You may submit copies of store receipts for the lost or damaged things. Also, professional estimates for repair can speed up the processing of claims.

      The claim adjuster will hire a local repair company to inspect the damages. You may have the option to have your items repaired or receive a cash settlement for what it would cost to repair. If it is determined that the claimed item was not damaged during the moving process, the claim will be denied.

      Solving your claim quickly is important not only for you but for your moving company as well. During the claims process, moving companies show their good customer service and their level of responsibility. According to the law, the moving company has 30 days to respond to your claim.

      Now you know what to do if your items are lost or damaged during your relocation. A good motto when prepping for your move is if it is predictable, it is preventable! Thanks for reading, take care, and don’t be afraid to take steps to move forward in creating a better life for yourself!