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Local Moving Services During Corona Virus Times

The stress about COVID-19 has a global effect at this point. Schools are closed, people work from home, the borders are closing too, paper towels, masks, and anti sanitizers are sold out. But what should you do if you are planning to move soon? Should you cancel or should you try your chances? How much risk is it? Do you get sick from the movers if any of them is infected?

Looking ahead, we can say there is nothing to worry about when moving at the time when coronavirus is everywhere, so book your move and you won’t regret it!

In this article, we will explain why it is safe to move now, even when the World Health Organization characterizes COVID-19 as a pandemic.


What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new strain from a large family of coronaviruses that have not been previously identified in humans. It can be dangerous to older people and people with respiratory problems, such as asthma. See the resources below for more official information regarding it.

How it spreads?

Transmission of COVID-19 happens ONLY when you are in close contact (within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes) with an infected person (or animal).

What do officials say?

According to CDC and WHO websites (see resources for more info), a person puts themselves at risk only when traveling to a different country where COVID is spread or when visiting a crowded area.  At this point, there is no risk of catching a virus if you are 10 ft away or further from a person or animal, even if they are infected.

Best resources

WakeHealth website covers all major myths and facts about the coronavirus family responding to the most common questions people might have. It is a really useful resource for those who want to know what helps to prevent the spread of the virus and what’s not.

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website provides some useful tips and identifies the major symptoms associated with COVID-19.

WHO (World Health Organization) – Here you will be able to track the current status of COVID-19 worldwide. The website provides up-to-date information about the spread of the disease along with precautions to be made when traveling.

3 reasons why you should move now:

1)The risk of getting infected is minimal when moving

At All-in Moving Systems, we take serious precautions when it comes to the spread of the virus control. We inspect the crews daily to check if they have any symptoms of fever. We equip every truck with masks, towels and anti sanitizers for the crew to use when they ride in a cabin.

Plus, keep in mind that movers, unlike office workers, don’t work in crowded areas, which minimizes the risk of spreading the disease, even if someone just got infected. And, of course, a person can’t infect your furniture, as the virus doesn’t stay long on objects, according to officials. (See resources above for more info)

If you are still concerned about being infected during the move, simply don’t stay in the same room with movers for more than 5 min and you will never get sick, according to WHO webpage. (See resources above for more info)

2)It is cheaper to move now

Now, that we know it is safe to hire movers when COVID-19 is there, it is time to highlight the financial benefits of relocating. Since schools are closed and people work from home you can expect perfect road conditions for moving. It means that your project will take not only less time but also less money.

 Taking into account that most of the reputable moving companies charge Double Drive Time results in a double saving when it comes to the billing for the overall project. What’s more, if you are that lucky person who work or study from home because of the virus, you can now utilize weekday deals that most of the moving companies have for those flexible enough to move during the week.

3)It is easier and faster to move now

Don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that you work or study from home. Now, you have the whole week available for booking your crew without worrying about taking a day off at work or school. Moving has never been easier or hassle-free than now. The crew will get places faster, due to empty roads, which means the overall move will take less time, which means you will face less stress during relocation.

When not to move: (IMPORTANT!!!)

1)If you feel sick

Don’t put at risk people that surround you during the move if you feel sick. At All-in Moving Systems we recommend you to isolate yourself from other people if any symptoms of fever are present. Even if you are confident this is just a cold or flu, you’d better take no risk these days. Then, immediately see a physician and ask them if you can move or not with your conditions.

2)If you are moving to a different country

Don’t take risks, if it is not urgent and try to avoid any trips outside the US. That includes work, vacation and relocation trips. More about precautions regarding the trips outside the US you can find on CDC website, information for travelers webpage.


It is really important to understand the nature of COVID-19 and all the information about it when deciding whether to move or not. That’s why we took the time and collected all the resources associated with coronavirus to adapt them to the specifics of the relocation process. Based on the information in the official resources, we can assure you that local and long-distance moving during the COVID-19 pandemic is safe, cheap and easy for everyone.

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