Junk removal


We are one of the best companies which provide junk removal services in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Junk Trash Cheap is your best choice in terms of price and professionalism. Have you decided to do repairs, move or just free up space in your house? Call us! We will remove all the unnecessary things from your house or apartment quickly and efficiently. You do not need to prepare the items in any way or clean up after junk removal, we will do everything for you. We remove any household items, velvet furniture, household appliances, clothing, etc.

Furniture Removal

If you have purchased new furniture and you urgently need to get rid of the old one, which looks boring and spoils the whole interior – we are at your service!
Order our services of old furniture removal and we will make your apartment free from unnecessary things and ready for renovation quickly and at an affordable price.
We perform the disposal or removal of your old wardrobes, sofas, non-working refrigerators. Out of sight, out of mind!
If you finally decided to part with your apartment rubbish, which occupies a useful area in the apartment, where new pieces of furniture, refrigerators could stand, feel free to call Junk Trash Cheap at any time!
We understand that time is money, so we try to provide services immediately after the request. This allows you to reduce the waiting period for changing the interior from old to stylish and modern.

Appliance Disposal

Technological progress has made our life comfortable and saved us from many difficulties. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a modern home without household appliances, and especially without a refrigerator or washing machine. Normally, over time, household appliances become obsolete and unusable. So, many people have a question: what to do with it?
Proper disposal of household appliances is a very important issue! As you know, household appliances contain materials, that can pose a threat to the environment. If you care about what climate you will leave to your descendants, if you are not indifferent to what will happen with your household appliances at the end of their life, just call our service center and leave a request for the Appliance Disposal.

Estate Clean Outs

Estate Clean Outs is usually quite a challenging task. Not only due to the amount of work to be done but also because it is often accompanied by difficult and sensitive events (moving to another town, death of a relative, and so on).
All of our employees are experienced and well trained. They can take care of your house with efficiency. They come always on time and are ready to do any amount of work. It doesn’t matter, whether you need junk removal services or in-depth services of packing, Junk Trash Cheap will do everything well and at an affordable price.

House cleaning service

Our company will help you clean your house and remove all unnecessary things (furniture, kitchen utensils, clothes, household appliances, etc.). After the completion of the work, our specialists will sweep the floor and take out the garbage. Attention! Our house cleaning service does not include mopping the floors, vacuuming upholstered furniture, cleaning bathtubs and so on.
Eco-friendly recycling services
Our company tries to recycle every unnecessary item in an eco-friendly way. Besides, we cooperate with many charitable organizations, so some of the things can get a second life, falling into the hands of those in need. Just give us a call or request a free estimate online.


Junk Trash Cheap provides services for the recycling and disposal of various types of equipment and other waste. We are serving the entire San Francisco Bay area and Silicon Valley. Thanks to our experienced and well-skilled staff together with professional equipment, we carry out all work efficiently and quickly. Our goal is long-term cooperation through the provision of high-quality, professional, and timely services!

Junk Hauling Services

If your business is growing rapidly, the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of must be increasing at the same time. Junk Trash Cheap is ready to solve this problem for you! By timely disposal of waste, you not only comply with legislation and save the environment from harmful effects, but also save money, because our company offers the most favorable terms of cooperation. The waste disposal method depends on the conditions of their collection and accumulation. Waste can be accumulated at the facility in the form of piles in special places or specially installed containers for waste.
We will support the smooth operation of your production by ensuring timely waste disposal. If you contact us, you will minimize the risks of receiving fines from regulatory authorities, because we collect and remove waste in strict accordance with the law.

Scrap Metal Removal and Recycling

Scrap metal removal is a very popular service, since a large number of enterprises that work with different types of equipment, face the problem of accumulating exhausted parts. Scrap metal removal and recycling are also important because old metal, when stored for a long time on the ground, can cause great harm to it, starting to absorb the emitted rust and forming an unpleasant odor. Our company provides all the necessary services for the removal of scrap metal.


We offer the most reliable and professional office junk removal services in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. If you have unnecessary tables, chairs, files, books, projectors, or any other office waste, our company is ready to help you get rid of it quickly and at an affordable price. Our team specializes in the disposal of commercial and business waste. We remove waste from offices, outdoor areas, convention centers, restaurants, warehouses, and other areas. We will clean your office space efficiently and efficiently at any time.
Office Furniture Liquidation

5 critical waste disposal mistakes:

What the professionals do great can be an insurmountable obstacle for many people. Waste disposal on your own includes many risks:

  • Large furniture must be disassembled to be removed. This process is complex and requires certain skills.
  • Work by unskilled loaders may result in damage to property, mountains of debris, and dust during and after removal. Unfortunately, it is you who will have to clean all this up.
  • Throwing bulky furniture into a regular waste container threatens with a fine, as well as unpleasant bonuses in the form of discord with neighbors.
  • Furniture disposal on your own is troublesome, messy, and costly.
  • Furniture that decomposes for a long time in a landfill leads to the pollution of the environment.

If you order the removal of old furniture from us, you are guaranteed to get qualitative and efficient service. Our experienced staff will do their job quickly and accurately. If you call Junk Trash Cheap, you don’t have to think about packing materials and cleaning the premises from garbage – our employees will do everything themselves! The number and size of packing bags, stretch films and scotch tape, emptying furniture boxes, and preparing for transportation are the responsibility of our company. Upon completion of the work, you are provided with an act confirming the legal disposal.

Electronic Waste Disposal

Each of us has broken electronics that you need to get rid of. But the problem is that electronics are not so simple, and you can’t just throw it in the trash.
Most modern devices such as personal computers, cell phones, fax machines, CD players, and others contain dangerous materials that can cause enormous harm to the environment if they are not disposed of properly.
What do we call electronic waste?
E-waste is broken or just unnecessary electronic devices that you want to get rid of. For instance, cell phones, personal computers, DVD or CD players, fax machines, monitors, printers. Most of this waste can be repaired, reused, or recycled.
What effect does e-waste have on people and the environment?
If you do not recycle your electronic waste, but just threw it away, it ends up in a landfill. Over time, various toxic elements that are present in the discarded electronics contribute to the release of toxins into the air and soil, polluting them. If you take a little time and care for the correct disposal of electronic waste, you will prevent a large number of harmful substances from entering the air and soil, and save the lives of many plants, animals, and possibly even people.
Call Junk Trash Cheap and you no longer need to rack your brain how to get rid of unnecessary electronics without harm. We cooperate with many recycling and charity organizations. We know, how to recycle any type of electronics in an eco-friendly way.