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How to beat unpacking procrastination?

You have found a new home, and you have a buyer for an old one … But it looks like this is the easiest part of the whole process, you reflect. According to various surveys, 61% of people consider moving to be more stressful than divorce or changing jobs.

But it’s not always the case! People are divided into two types: those who unpack boxes immediately after moving, and those who leave unpacking until better times. Many people identify themselves with the second type. But why is it so difficult to cope with the seemingly simple matter?

Unpacking a bunch of boxes is difficult psychologically. The previous stages of moving are already exhausting, so we leave this matter for later. In addition, unpacking requires a lot of physical input.

But the good news is that this procrastination can be overcome. Here is some advice from one of the best moving companies bay area!

You should think a few steps ahead.

If you don’t think a few steps ahead, your unpacking process can turn into a horror film … You need to take care of unpacking even at the stage of packing. We advise you to pack items from each room in separate boxes. Do not put items that are in the living room and kitchen items in the same box! Moreover, you can mark the boxes using markers of different colors for each room. For example, the kitchen is red, the bedroom is green, the bathroom is blue, and so on. You can also label the boxes with symbols and give the list of symbols to the movers so they know which room to leave each box in.

Make a plan of the house you are moving to

It would be very helpful for the movers and save you money. The movers will immediately understand where to put furniture and boxes and the move will take less time. You don’t need to do the artwork, but a simple sketch will make moving and unpacking much easier.

Pack your essentials in a separate bag

It is obvious that unpacking takes time, so you need to think about the things you need on the first day/night. If you pack them in a separate bag, you don’t have to rummage through each box for slippers, for example. If you have children, pack a bag for them as well.

Make unpacking fun

Play your favorite music while unpacking. Create an atmosphere that makes you want to unpack the boxes happily.

If you have children, the unpacking process is likely to be boring for them. But they will help you if you turn the unpacking into a game. For example, who will unpack the box more quickly without damaging anything. If that doesn’t work, give them bubble wrap. It will 100% attract their attention for a long time, and you can unpack the boxes without distraction.

You should reward yourself

Unpacking boxes is a rather long process, but do not think about how much more time and effort you have to spend. Instead, reward yourself for every room you unpack. For example, take a break and have tea with your favorite cookies.

Make sure to checklist

Having a list is key when unpacking. If you want to avoid stress, make a checklist. mark completed tasks when unpacking. This way you will know exactly how much you have done and how much is left.

Moving is stressful, both physically and mentally. You try to competently organize the entire process of moving, pack your things, hire movers, transport, etc. Such actions give rise to emotions that many of us simply cannot cope with, hence the stress. Being best San Jose movers, All in Moving Systems is always ready to organize the entire move for you. Everything will go quickly and smoothly, we guarantee.