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Furniture Transportation – a little about Disassembly and Packaging

Preparing furniture for a planned move is a process that requires meticulousness and special attention. Many people underestimate the importance of this stage or even neglect it, but they shouldn’t. An untimely opened drawer or bedside table door can damage the integrity of the entire product. Not to mention the sideboard, which contains fragile elements (handles, glass shelves, stained-glass windows, etc.). Your favorite sofa can be irretrievably damaged as well if it is not properly prepared for transportation.

Rules for preparing furniture for transportation

There are a number of rules and tips that can help prevent the risk of dents, scratches, and other damage of the transported things. Observing them, you can keep the furniture safe and sound, which means you will avoid various troubles and bad moods.

Today All in Moving Systems presents to your attention the basic recommendations for disassembling and packing various pieces of furniture before transportation:

  • if the sofa or cabinet is too bulky, it should be disassembled first, which minimizes the risk of subsequent damage;
  • if you doubt yourself, it is better to entrust the dismantling of furniture to professionals who have certain skills in this process. All in Moving Systems is then always at your service. We will transport your furniture professionally, quickly and without damage;
  • it is better to dismantle glass and mirror elements of the cabinet, dressing table, sideboard in order to preserve their integrity;
  • doors and drawers, which for some reason cannot be removed, must be tied to the base of the furniture with tape;
  • small parts and components from disassembled cabinets, sofas, etc., it is better to pack up in zip bags, so that later you can easily bring the furniture back to its original form. You can also mark the location of each screw in the object, thereby facilitating assembly;
  • you should not save on packaging material, because the more reliable the packaging is, the less risk that the furniture will be damaged or broken there is;
  • it is better to pack glass and mirror elements in stretch film or pimpled polyethylene;
  • foamed polyethylene will protect varnished doors from scratches, preserving the appearance of the transported products;
  • kitchen furniture with built-in household appliances must be transported, having previously disconnected and securely fastened the electrical wires and pipes for the sewer drain;
  • as for antique pieces of furniture, you should remove the shelves first, and close the doors with a key and fix them with construction tape;
  • if you have preserved boxes from a furniture manufacturer, it is better to pack the products in them.
  • particular attention should be paid to securing the furniture in the moving truck. Special belts are used for this. According to the rules, the carrier fixes these belts in the van directly.

Paying maximum attention to disassembling and packing furniture, the process of transporting furniture can be made not only easy, but also safe. But it will be even better if you hire professionals. None of our clients have yet regretted that they had called All in Moving Systems!