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What is Double Drive Time?

What is Double Drive Time?

Don’t panic! Double Drive Time, or DDT for short, is not an enormously complex mathematical equation. All professional movers are required to use DDT in their billing. It simply means that whatever time it takes to drive from your origin to destination is doubled added to the total working hours. Here’s a hypothetical moving example to explain DDT:

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) required that moving companies charge DDT. Here is a copy of the text from the CPUC office:

1. In computing charges accruing under the hourly rates contained in Item 320, the time used shall be the total of loading, unloading and double the driving time from point of origin to point of destination, subject to EXCEPTIONS 1 through 3.

EXCEPTION 1 – When carrier is required to perform more than one trip between origin and destination, the time used shall be the total of loading and unloading time, to which will be added double driving time for the first trip from origin to destination and actual driving time for all additional trips between origin and destination for each motor vehicle furnished by carrier.

EXCEPTION 2 – When two or more shipments are transported on a unit of equipment at the same time, the time used shall be the total of loading and unloading time plus 25 minutes total driving time for each shipment.

EXCEPTION 3 – When split pickup, split delivery or split pickup and split delivery in combination is performed, the time used shall be computed in accordance with the provisions of Items 148, 152, or 156, respectively.

Note: The customer must be responsible for driving time from the origin to the destination, not from our warehouse or offices to the home, and not from your home back to our offices.

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