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A move will not interfere with your business plans!

Nobody likes moving. Besides that, it is always hard physically, it also violates the usual pace of life for several days and creates moral stress. You can forget about a thing for a long time and remember only when it needs to be assembled or disassembled, packaged, moved, unloaded, and installed in a new place.

A commercial move is much more difficult than an apartment one. The commercial move requires an organization of all departments, coordination of actions, and maximum efficiency. Moreover, the move should occur without the loss of customers.

How to move with minimal negative consequences?

First of all, tell your customers about moving the company in advance. Even if the business is conducted online, people should know that the company’s location is changing. Moving can be a great occasion to remind the customers about yourself. SMS-mailing with new data will be relevant for both regular and one-time customers. After such a reminder they may become interested in the services of the company again. In addition, you can use social media to post photos in real-time. Clients will be involved in the process, or maybe immediately help to solve some problems.

Change data in profiles.

During the move, you need to change the official contact information on the company’s website, you can create a special page that will announce success in the move. It is important to change the coordinates on virtual maps, update social media accounts.

In the emails, the new address can be put in the signature by highlighting it.

You should also test work opportunities in a new place in advance. It is irresponsible to hope that everything that worked well in the old place will function in the new one the same. Until a new lease is not signed, you need to make sure that all the needs of the company are met. An elementary lack of outlets can interfere with work. Poor connection in the room also won’t contribute to normal functioning. It’s more profitable to make a weekend move. Nobody wants to work on a day off, but you need to get employees to do it. Then you have to give the participants of the move time off or organize a party, but you have to make sacrifices in order to maintain the maximum number of customers.

Do not save on moving. If you plan to save money by moving completely on your own, then the price you pay can be much higher than hiring a moving company. Specialists will do everything much faster than your employees, they know how to transport fragile equipment correctly, have special packaging material, and so on. Therefore, if immediately hire specialists, you don’t have to deal with employees milling around, complaining about hard work, and requiring time off.