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7 tips to move your office quickly

The stage of organizational work involves taking into account all the little things that facilitate the move because in this case, you will be able to move the office in a short time and at the lowest cost.

So, how to move your office quickly and at an affordable price?

Tip 1. Make a plan of the premises of the existing office, mark the workplaces, as well as their furniture. Now you need to make a plan of new rooms and determine the location of tables, cabinets and other furnishings.

The area of the premises, the location of door and window openings, and the dimensions of the furniture are essential. You should take care of electrical outlets for office equipment in advance, they should be in sufficient quantity and located in places convenient for connection.

Tip 2. When deciding how to move the office, determine what the volume of traffic will be, choose the appropriate transport. If the offices are not too far from each other, and all things do not fit in one small car, you can make two flights. If you need to make four or more flights, it is better to use a couple of vehicles.

If you are planning to move the office over a considerable distance, or there is a possibility of getting stuck in a traffic jam, it is better to order a good moving truck of increased capacity.

Tip 3. Thinking about how to move the office quickly, use the services of a professional moving team. Their number should correspond to the amount of work. If there is a safe or other oversized or heavy objects in the office, you will need the help of riggers.

Movers can not only take out and load office property into transport but also disassemble furniture in the old room and assemble it in a new place.

Tip 4. Make sure to pack your things properly:

· prepare boxes for your employees, so that they could their personal items;

· do not forget to mark the folders with documents, stationery, etc. after packing them in boxes.;

· office equipment must be disconnected from the power supply and packed in boxes of suitable size, monitors should be wrapped in bubble wrap, the cords should be neatly folded together with the equipment itself, the boxes should be marked;

Tip 5. Moreover, you need to disassemble the office furniture. Since there is a risk of damage to cabinets and tables during the move, they should not only be disassembled but also packaged in a quality manner. As for standard furniture of the same type, its elements (which include countertops, shelves, side parts of cabinets and tables, etc.) can be folded in vertical stacks, then they take up a minimal amount of space.

Tip 6. Carefully consider the quality of the furniture packaging. The

task of the packaging material is to protect it from moisture, dust, as well as from accidental mechanical damage. Smooth polished surfaces can be protected with corrugated cardboard sheets and stretch film.

Fold the office chairs in stacks or in pairs (that is, put one chair on the other with the legs up) and wrap them with stretch film. The same with computer chairs.

Pay attention to the labeling of the packages: if you put a certain designation on them in accordance with the plan of the new office, then in the process of unloading the furniture, the movers will be able to move the boxes to the place of direct assembling, which will save time in the future and also avoid confusion.

Tip 7. An excellent solution would be to organize unloading in accordance with a pre-drawn plan.

You will need to complete:

· assembly and arrangement of furniture;

· connection of the office equipment;

· the layout of folders with documents and other things.

When deciding how to move your office, keep in mind that a competent moving company will allow you to complete the move within a few hours. If you assign these events for the weekend, then from Monday the company will be able to work.