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6 tips for a Long Distance move

A long-distance move is not a usual task. You need to drive miles until you get to your new home. Therefore, the only way to make your long-distance move successful is to prepare really well for the difficulties that are waiting for you. 

In this article, All in Moving Systems Company provides you with some tips on how to make your long-distance move successful.

1. Keep the process of preparation under control 

The most important thing at this point is to use time wisely. Therefore, we advise you to create a personal moving checklist that will greatly help you at this stage of moving. You can also make a moving calendar with tasks for each family member. Moreover, make sure to sort the assignment related to moving in order of importance.

2. Find the best moving company that has experience in moving long distances

At this point, it is important to consider the additional moving services such as storage service, packaging, and so on, then your moving process will become much easier. A good moving company should provide an in-home moving estimates service because it is impossible to do well by phone or email.

3. Make an inventory of the house and sort your items. 

Just walking around the house from room to room, write down all your household items. Think about which ones you no longer need and which ones you should definitely take with you. Pay attention to the furniture. The best way to make a long-distance move cheaper is not to take furniture with you, as it is heavy and requires additional costs. Think about it!


The packaging is a rather important stage of long-distance moving. We advise you not to delay the packaging process as this is a time-consuming task. It usually takes not a few hours, as everyone thinks, but a few days or even weeks.

Well, the best way to carry out the packaging stage is to ask for professional or non-professional help. For example, your friends help you to pack things, or you can call professionals, which is more reliable. You can order the packaging service from our All in Moving Systems Company, then everything will be packed really reliable and will be safe during the whole relocation.


This advice is also related to the packaging process. You should not only provide reliable protection for your household items but also make the process of unpacking in a new house easier. You can do this by labeling all your moving boxes. Do not underestimate this process! Label your boxes after you have packed something there on two sides at least. You can write what is contained in these boxes, in which room the item was located, and handling instructions, especially when the item is fragile. 

6. Don’t forget about your pets if you have any

Moving is very stressful for your pets and especially long-distance ones. Therefore, first of all, you should take your pet to the veterinarian for a full checkup. You must be sure that your pet is ready for a long-distance move. It’s better to transport your cats, doggies, birds, and other pets in your own car. So they will feel more comfortable and safer. if this is not possible, keep your pet near you or hire a special person who takes care of it.