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5 Best Cities in California

California is a huge contrasting and multifaceted state. Many people want to move there, and those who already live in California do not want to leave it. Today All in Moving Systems will tell you about its top 5 cities.

1. San Diego

This is San Diego, which inspires people from all over the United States to pack up their belongings and head west! San Diego is now at its peak. This is a really good choice for those looking to invest in real estate. San Diego has a great climate and gorgeous beaches. This is a good place for those who want to start a tourist business, as there are more than enough tourists in San Diego.

San Diego is home to about 1.5 million people. The people of this city like to spend time outside, so there are many hiking and cycling routes along the beaches and mountains. In addition, the city has some of the best schools in California. 5 San Diego school districts are in the top 30 in the whole of California.

One more benefit of this city is its friendliness. There are many various initiatives in San Diego, such as Go Solar, for example. Go Solar enables home owners to install solar panels at reduced prices. They will help you to cut the energy costs.

2. Oakland

Oakland has excellent weather with about 260 sunny days a year. The city can be cool and foggy at times, but the fog usually disappears by noon. The city has great transport links. It is very close to 3 major airports. If you work in San Francisco, for example, but want to live in a cheaper place, Oakland is a great choice. By the way, costs in Oakland are around 25% cheaper than in San Francisco. And if you prefer a bike, Auckland is definitely for you because it has more than 160 “Bikeway miles”. Moreover, there are around 15 parks in and around Oakland, so this is the perfect place for dog lovers.

Oakland is home to the highest concentration of artists in the United States. There are many galleries and art events. In addition, art classes are regularly held in Oakland, after which you can exhibit your work at numerous city exhibitions.

3. Sacramento

A beautiful city with great people. In 2018, Sacramento was the safest city in California. Houses here cost on average four times less than in San Francisco. Sacramento is surrounded by farms, rivers, and mountains, and has a huge number of recreational opportunities. American River Parkway is visited by around 5 million people every year. It’s a perfect place for fining, boating, hiking, biking, etc. One more benefit of Sacramento is lighter traffic than San Francisco, for example, especially during rush hour.

Sacramento is a food city. Here you never have to worry about finding something fresh and delicious. The city hosts the “Farm to Fork Festival” every summer. You can enjoy concerts, demonstrations, tastings, and even dinner at Tower Bridge there. But even in non-festival time, Sacramento residents can visit a huge variety of restaurants with the many cuisines of the world.

4. Anaheim

The most affordable housing in South California, excellent job market, and low unemployment! You and your family will never get bored in Anaheim because here is California Disneyland. It includes two large parks – Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. The parks have several hundred attractions, themed areas, and playrooms. The Downtown Disney District also boasts great shopping, restaurants, exciting shows, and even dine with your favorite fairytale characters.

The charming Yorba Regional Park is located in one of the quietest and most tranquil areas of the city. It is an ideal getaway for nature lovers. There are many trees and greenery in this park, there are many comfortable walking paths, and some people come there to go rollerblading.

5. San Jose

San Jose is considered to be Silicon Valley’s capital which is famous for its mild weather and safety. It is a great city for family life or young professionals. The unemployment rate in San Jose is lower than in nearby cities, and only the elderly may face employment problems. The average salary is higher here than in other cities, but the cost of living is appropriate. For those who love to travel or are often on business trips, San Jose International Airport offers a convenient flight schedule to all popular destinations.

San Jose is also an ideal place for those who are involved in science and technology. The world-famous tech museum of innovation is located here and is a must-visit! San Jose is definitely for you if you want to experience the diversity of cultures. There is an area here called Little Portugal. You can see a mix of American and Portuguese cultures, taste a fusion of Mediterranean and Atlantic cuisine, and mingle with extremely friendly people there.

These were the 5 best cities in the marvelous state of California. If you have already decided on the direction of your move, call us or get your free quote online, and All in Moving Systems will help you move quickly and smoothly.