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Moving Around San Francisco

San Francisco is an illustrious postcard city that millions of people worldwide visit and love. To live here is to be part of a bustling boomtown full of treasures for all types of visitors. But customers moving in San Francisco please be aware that without proper preparation, there could be significant issues that arise with your move. San Francisco is a wonderful and hilly city, but with such immense beauty comes with many logistical difficulties. All in Moving Systems has compiled some great advice for customers who wish to make a smooth transition from one home to the next.

Probably the most significant factor in any San Francisco move is the vertical challenge. Many buildings are not equipped with elevators safe for moving, if equipped at all with one. This can mean that moves would have to be conducted via the stairway and takes much longer compared to ground-level moves. There are many tight spaces in apartments and homes here. That has been an issue for the last five decades. However, you must consider where your items are moving within your home. If you have a heavy or bulky item that you wish to move to the third floor that has a tight stairway or doorway, then you may want to reconsider where you position that piece in your home and double-check with the movers that it will fit. 

Please follow the professional movers advice. It can save you money in the end. Consider the following story about Amy, who didn’t follow the advice of the movers when they explained that her bulky couch would not fit through the third floor doorway. She insisted to move it anyway. The movers work tirelessly to get the couch up three flights of tightly packed stairways, and when the couch reached the third floor doorway, sure enough it wasn’t able to go through. The movers then had to return the item to the first floor where it would fit. All of this took time, and the customer expressed to the movers that she wished she had just set it on the first floor in the beginning and listened to the advice of the professional movers. 

Also consider the parking ordeal. If parking is a major problem for regular-sized vehicles on San Francisco’s roadway, imagine what it is like for trucks that have a head to tail length of 40 feet and are 8 feet wide. You can visit the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s website on temporary signage to get information so you can secure street parking for a big truck on your move day ( Also check with your neighbors to see if you can arrange to borrow their parking space for the day. Parking should be on the street as close as possible to the entrance of the home or building to avoid a long carry, which can increase the amount of time it takes to complete the move. Please also remember, it is the customer’s responsibility to prearrange parking in a safe legal space. Any parking tickets or municipal code violations stemming from the parking space is the sole responsibility of the customer.